Blurred Line Photography | Meet the Team


Royce DoveLead Photographer and Founder of Blurred Line Photography Royce is the lead photographer and loves to create. Which is what drew him to photography. When Royce learned how to use a film camera and develop the film in the dark room, he spent all of his extra time taking and developing photos. This passion increased over the years. For Royce the learning and creating never ends. He continues to find new ways to be creative, using light, textures, architecture, posing etc. And Royce's photography career has lead him to new places, shown him a different way to view the world and the people in it. It has helped him to overcome his personal fears and evolve as a individual. He now runs BlurredLine Photography with the help of his team. As a photographer Royce is not afraid to go where ever he needs to to get an awesome photo, be prepared when he asks you to join him! 




Martin MerinoSecond Shooter

Martin, originally from Peru, moved to the United States when he was young and found photography in college when he took a class with Royce. Royce and Martin have formed a friendship over the years for a shared enthusiasm for adventure and photography.  Martin has a creative eye and manages to think quickly to capture creative images in seconds. You can expect him to be behind the camera, holding a light or cracking a joke.








Sarah is a graduate of the UCSC linguistics program.  After graduating she has made Santa Cruz her home where she shares her time with her best friend and partner.  Her strong values for truth make her a perfect component to our team.  She captures the humorous and real moments that our bride and grooms often miss in their day.  She is our quiet star, a true gem, and makes a mean micro brew.